Regen worked with Exeter College and Plymouth College of Arts students to get fresh perspectives on how sustainable energy is super!

Superhero narratives arrived in popular culture along with the mass electrification of the western world. Through harnessing electricity, we have the ability to do things that were inconceivable for the ordinary mortal only a short while ago. Drawing on well-known superhero stories, we were able to explore the shift to a sustainable energy future.

Students attended a workshop about sustainable energy and were set a brief to create posters about sustainable energy that could be used in bus stops.

The ‘Sustainable Energy is Super’ poster design project was a fantastic experience for the Foundation Diploma Graphics students on so many levels. Firstly, the students had the opportunity to work on a “live” project for a real client. This provided the students with design industry experience as they were able to take a detailed brief, and working to a strict deadline, present their initial ideas and later their final outcomes to the client.”

“It enabled the students to learn more about various sustainable energy sources. We know that the sustainable energy sector will grow over the coming years and will provide work opportunities for these students, so it is really important that they are comfortable with the language and thinking which will emerge in our transition to a smart, low carbon economy”

“At Exeter School of Art (part of Exeter College), we are very keen to work with local businesses and organisations to provide industry experience for students in order to prepare them for future employment. This project really fulfilled that initiative.” Nigel Lowe, Programme Manager for FDA Graphic Communication