Project duration: October 2014 to February 2017

Regen worked with Western Power Distribution (WPD), Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) and Tempus Energy to trial a Sunshine Tariff in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

The trial looked to understand how different customers engage with a cheaper daytime tariff and how active they become in changing their consumption patterns in response to this price signal. The project aimed to resolve network capacity issues in the local area by incentivising customers to use electricity between 10am and 4pm in the summer months, which is often when solar generation is at its greatest.

The findings from the trial are set out in a number of reports (click to download:

And you can listen to the team talk about the trial in the Sunshine Tariff webinar. Please note that there is no sound for the first one and a half minutes.

The team were not able to answer all the questions during the webinar, so a Frequently Asked Questions document was compiled.

Project lead: Tamar Bourne

Contact: [email protected]

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