Project duration: 2012 - ongoing

In 2012 Regen agreed a partnership with SWW that put renewable energy and local communities at the heart of their investment strategy.

One of the main costs of supplying water, other than staffing, is the energy needed to treat and pump it around the undulating landscape of the region. SWW’s energy bills are as a result, in excess of £25million p.a. As part of a programme to keep water bills down, Regen and SWW developed a renewable energy strategy and investment case leading to a series of small renewable energy projects, sized to power SWW infrastructure.

The unique element of this project is the way in which SWW engages with their customers and local communities, seeking their views on renewable energy and building local partnerships. The business model for SWW’s portfolio of investments are varied, reflecting the policy environment, the nature of each site and the needs of the local communities they serve. Projects have included communities or developers building their own schemes and supplying power to SWW sites, including Nanstallon pictured above.

For more information see Ray Arrell’s presentation to the Institute of Water

Led by: Hazel Williams and Ray Arrell

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