September 2013

The Renewable Heat at Work project was a one day event funded by Devon County Council that encouraged system owners (and their installers) to open their sites to the public. As heating systems are typically hidden away in plant rooms and basements, it is often a surprise to people how many sites local to them host a heating system built on renewables.

26 sites in all were opened to the public on 18 September 2013, representing schemes from 15 – 300kW. Over 150 visitors attended one or more sites.

Within the south west, Devon has consistently been top of the league table for renewable heat deployment due, in part, to the commitment shown by Devon County Council (DCC) and other key stakeholders in growing the sector.

DCC has supported a number of initiatives with renewable heat industry partners over the years, recognising the scale of the opportunity for Devon. Many homes and businesses pay high costs for their heating fuels as a significant proportion are located in rural areas off the gas grid, leading to strong interest in adopting biomass heating systems. In addition, biomass fuel is at its most valuable when produced close to the customers who will use it: this has led to a number of Devon based businesses setting up to supply woodfuel, providing jobs and keeping more money in the local economy.

Lead by: Tim Crook

Contact: [email protected]