Regen has produced an annual Progress Report for the south west since 2003, based upon our unique database of renewable energy projects. Our report contains detailed analysis of progress in installing renewable energy by local authority area for each renewable technology. In 2016, for the first time, we broadened our data collection to the whole of England, and compared progress at a local level for the entire country.

Current progress
Renewable power now provides 19 per cent of England’s electricity – but take up varies hugely across the country. England generates 54,962 GWh of renewable energy, enough to power 14.5 million homes, 62 per cent of all households across England.

The south west leads the way for onshore renewable energy capacity in England. The region continues to thrive in the solar PV market due to good resources, as well as excellent local installers, social landlord programmes and a strong community energy sector.

Local factors such as availability of resource, public sector investment, local planning and local support play a key role in the growth of renewables – examples of this include East Riding of Yorkshire and Northumberland for onshore wind due to favourable resource and planning, and Peterborough for domestic solar PV installations due to a social housing scheme.

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To view the data that sits behind the report in an interactive format, visit Green Alliance’s renewable energy locator

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A local progress report for England 2016

Previous south west progress reports are available to download below: