In 2013, the Welsh Government commissioned Regen to design a survey process to assess the number of renewable energy installations in Wales.  We used our data analysis expertise gained from over 10 years of producing our south west Progress Report, to create a process for gathering the necessary information in Wales and supplied the Welsh Government with a database detailing individual projects across the country.

In 2015, we repeated the data gathering process and the Welsh Government has published the results in its Low Carbon Energy Generation in Wales report.  

In 2016, we added ownership information to the database, so that the Welsh Government could assess the extent to which renewables in Wales are locally owned by Welsh organisations.   As of summer 2016, 6 per cent of Welsh renewable energy capacity is under Welsh commercial or community ownership, with a further 6 per cent under domestic ownership. 

Led by: Amy Brimmicombe

Contact: [email protected]