Recent Insights

  • Will corporates be new driver of renewables? 29 June 2016

    From Google to Ikea there is a long and impressive list of companies signing up to the RE100 pledge to go 100 per cent renewables. With government support waning and the loss of the EU direction, can we look to corporates to drive renewables? Read more

  • Update on the Grid Debate, 29 June 2016

    Western Power Distribution (WPD) in partnership with Regen is establishing a new distributed generation owner/operator forum to improve communication between the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and asset owner/operators – and in particular to address the impacts of grid outages and constraints. Read more

  • FIT solar installations plummet but commercial projects buck trend, 30 September 2016

    The release of new figures from Ofgem on FIT installations have shown a 66 per cent drop in the number of installations registered in quarter two 2016, dropping from 45,156 in the previous quarter to 15,420 installations registered from April to June this year. Although the sub 10 kW schemes are clearly experiencing a significant decline, the figures indicate other deployment bands are seeing growth. Read more