Exploring new opportunities

With the renewable energy sector dealing with the dramatic policy and subsidy changes of 2015/16, Regen’s “Pathways to parity” series of papers and events will explore emerging business models that will make clean energy the (subsidy free) backbone of our electricity system.

We will be producing national ‘thought leadership’ papers and events, looking at key areas of opportunity for the renewables industry. In particular we are interested in:

  • Energy storage
  • Smart grids
  • Local supply models
  • Private wire opportunities
  • Site optimisation and efficiency savings.

We have already published our first paper on new local supply models, which gained wide publicity. We are currently working on energy storage and heat supply papers.

If you would be interested in partnership with Regen SW to deliver one or more of the areas outlined above and position your company as a thought leader in this space, we would be delighted to hear from you. Download the document below for more information.

pathways to parity brochure

Lead by: Rachel Hayes
Contact: [email protected]