27 November 2015

We know that we need to find new ways to enable people to engage in debate on the future of our energy generation and tackling climate change. Regen SW’s arts and energy programme aims to do just that.

Our flagship project is Something Wonderful in My Back Yard – a sparkling new community musical telling a heartening new story for our times. Watch the video here to find out more.

Think of a musical and you might imagine the romance of West Side Story or the glamour of Chicago. But this new musical [currently being written] has a different setting and tackles a very different subject: how do a motley group of ordinary, argumentative people persuade their make-do-and-mend, muddle-through market town to embrace community food and energy schemes and become more resilient?

We will be creating meaningful memorable experiences for a broad public, inviting people to consider energy through an optimistic lens perhaps, for their first time. We want audiences and participants to go away humming tunes that will stay with them and kindle positive associations with sustainable energy.

We will produce free resources for school, community and amateur dramatics groups including song sheets, backing tracks and activity packs to help people use the material from the musical themselves.

We need your help to develop this unique and high quality project.

We are looking to raise more than £10k by the 17 December and we are offering all sorts of rewards.

We will be raising funds through Kickstarter in order to help us finish the final few songs and script, complete the orchestration, build the set and make props etc., appoint a director and choreographer for the first show in June 2016 and promote the s