12 January 2017

Regen today welcomed the recommendation provided in the long awaited Hendry Review that the UK should embark on the development of a program of tidal lagoons. The independent report was published today after being launched by the UK government in the spring of 2016.

Johnny Gowdy director at Regen said “We welcome Charles Hendry’s backing for a programme of tidal lagoon projects across the UK.  These projects represent a key opportunity to contribute towards carbon reduction targets, play a role in the UK energy mix, and be part of our industrial strategy.

We especially welcome the recommendation to develop a similar long term strategic strategy to that of offshore wind backed by a new Tidal Power Authority. It has long been accepted that Swansea Bay Lagoon would be a pathfinder project, though the real opportunity comes from the development of a series of projects that have the potential to significantly improve security of supply, reduce carbon and develop a new industry.”

Regen is coordinating the next in the series of Sustainable Severn stakeholder conferences in partnership with Bristol City Council, Cardiff University, Bristol Port, RSPB, Severn Estuary Partnership and University of West of England, which will discuss and debate the outcomes of the Hendry Review. These forums build on our 2012 discussion paper, “A balanced technology approachwhich focuses on the need for an incremental approach to marine energy projects in the channel, which should be developed in balance with the environment and needs of communities and marine users.  The event will be held on April 27 at Cardiff University, please contact Kerry Hayes [email protected] to find out more and register your interest in attending.