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(Energie! - image by Thorsten Fleisch)

Feeding the insatiable – a creative summit

Don’t forget to book your place on a unique and exciting arts and energy event for the UK. Real and imagined narratives of art and energy for a troubled planet.
Wednesday 9 November - Saturday 11 November 2016
Dartington Hall, Devon

We have received a host of nominations for the first arts and green energy awards supported by The Institution of Civil Engineers. This award is designed to recognise the crucial role that creative practitioners play in challenging, deepening and broadening the energy debate. We welcomed nominations from a range of art-forms.

Data Visualisation – Graphical Web Conference -Exeter – November 2016

The Met Office Informatics Lab are hosting the Graphical Web conference this November in Exeter and we thought it would be the kind of thing you might be interested in. There is a very wide range of speakers spanning web tech in the broadest sense.

Art, particularly sited work, can create a ‘third space’ for public discourse.  By ‘third space’ we mean a space other than the commercial or governmental spaces for people to engage with issues.

METERS by Carol Ann Duffy

You may have seen Gaz and Leccy on the telly in one or other of their ‘out of control’ antics but it’s okay – we’ll have them under control soon as smart meters will be coming to a cupboard under the stairs near you before 2020.
Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has released her most unusual poem yet, Meters, marking the passing of traditional gas and electricity meters, the coming of smart meters and an end to estimated bills.

Joana Vasconcelos and Vhils, two of Portugal’s most internationally visible artists, took on a pair of 100 metres high Senvion MM wind turbines.

Stories of Change: Exploring energy and community in the past, present and future, 2014 – 2017

The Stories of Change project aims to help to revive stalled public and political conversations about energy by looking in a fresh way at its past, present and future.

The THINGS that came in from the cold – poem by Matt Harvey

There have always been Things, and the Things there have been
the simplest tool, the most complex machine …

AgIC electric pen will spark the imagination!

This captivating pen made by Tokyo-based startup AgIC conducts electricity as a person draws lines. Using a silver conductive ink, the magic pen serves as an incredible tool for paper circuit projects.

SIGNIFICANTUS – A unique keyboard conversation- Created by Lola Perrin

This is a live interative performance project created by composer Lola Perrin
Piano Suite IX ‘SIGNIFICANTUS’ is performed in collaboration with local guest speakers; scientists, artists and other thinkers.

The Art of Life – Understanding how participation in arts and culture can affect our values

“We need new ideas, we need new ways of doing things and we need a whole new way of approaching each other with much more empathy and understanding. This means that the rest of society really needs to focus on the world of art and culture as a vital source for not only solutions, but also ways of finding solutions… and a whole new concept of what a valuable life really means.” 
Uffe Elbaek, former Danish Minister of Culture

UK Power Networks – Whitechapel community arts project (2013)

In 2013, UK Power Networks unveiled Mosaic art murals on one of their electricity sub stations in Whitechapel. The artwork was created by primary school children as part of a competition and the winning entries transformed into mosaics.

Energy – Formidable Vegetable Sound System

"By busting out live shows based around the principles of Permaculture (regenerative ecological design), Formidable Vegetable Sound System is paving the way for a new kind of musical activism based around simple, fun solutions to some of the largest problems on the planet.”

“The Science of Light” Sarah Hall – Grass Valley Elementary School, Camus, WA, USA

The “Science of Light” installation in the main stairwell of the school merges the ancient art of stained glass with cutting edge technology to produce a transformative window wall.  It gathers energy from sunlight in a visible and interactive way – as solar energy is gathered a glass spiral located in the stairwell is illuminated.

Powerchord is an ongoing (from 2014) exploration of sonifying energy use in near-real time. The prototypes developed so far monitor multiple household electrical appliances in parallel, turning readings of the instantaneous power being drawn into various kinds of sound, providing a form of ambient experiential feedback intended to fit with the soundscapes of everyday domestic life, while (perhaps) enabling a deeper understanding of the characteristics of energy use.

Drawing Energy – Book

Drawing Energy describes a drawing-based research project undertaken by the Royal College of Art as part of SusLabNWE (2012-2015). The project explored people’s perceptions of energy, by asking them to write, draw or illustrate their thoughts and reactions to the question ‘What does energy look like?’ Over 180 members of the public took part in the process. This site accompanies the book, published in July 2015.

“Come one, come all, come great, come small, come see the one & only ‘Voltini Sideshows’; the very last live action touring sideshow left in the land”.

Sol Cinema, Jo Furlong and friends

The Sol cinema is a unique mobile cinema powered entirely by the sun. It is leased out for community events and festivals, where, ‘Pop up’ style, with usherette service and popcorn. It has space for eight adults in a converted caravan. A photovoltaic panel provides the energy. Winner of Digital Heroes Award 2014.

The Metabolic Landscape Perception, Practice and The Energy Transition

The Metabolic Landscape navigates the disciplines of art, science and philosophy to picture and interpret the planet’s current state of ‘metabolic distress’.

Playing for Time – Making Art as if the World Matters, Lucy Neal

This is a must have book for anyone considering engaging people in sustainability through the arts.

If you have any projects you would like to be profiled, or if you would like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected].