In the last year WPD, in common with other UK network operators, has seen a significant growth in the number of connection agreement applications it has received for storage projects. The number of applications, combined with the high level of development activity and investor interest, suggests that the deployment of energy storage could grow rapidly in the next decade.

Regen are working with WPD to develop an approach to model the future growth and operation of storage assets to better understand how these assets are likely to be used, and their ‘mode of operation’; including their typical profile of charge and discharge.

WPD wishes to consult with industry to establish whether the analysis and definitions we have arrived at, including the underlying business models, project specifications and operating modes, are appropriate and reflect how the sector currently views the likely deployment and operating behaviour of storage.

In undertaking this consultation, WPD is seeking to understand: 

  • The potential scale of growth of energy storage within its distribution networks 
  • The type of energy storage assets/projects that are likely to be deployed and their business models 
  • The typical operating behaviour of storage assets, how they are likely to be used and their typical daily mode(s) of operation  

WPD will use the information gathered to inform its future network planning.

We would welcome engagement and input from a wide range of organisations. We would be pleased to arrange follow-up phone interviews or face to face consultation with those parties that would be interested to engage further. 

Please click here to download an editable PDF form, which you can fill in and email back to WPD at:

[email protected]

Alternatively, you can send hard copy responses to:

Network Strategy Team
Western Power Distribution
Feeder Road

The closing date for this consultation is 21st June 2017.

All information provided will be treated by WPD and Regen as confidential.

WPD will then publish an anonymised, aggregated summary of the responses shortly after this closing date.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this consultation.

Author: Ray Arrell

Contact: [email protected]

Banner image: British Solar Renewables and WPD