Winners announced

This year the Green Energy Awards were more popular than ever, and judging was a particularly difficult task. Those that won were shortlisted from over 100 nominations and had to demonstrate commitment and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Below is a list of the winners for the 2017 Green Energy Awards and some of the judges comments.

Most Proactive Public Sector Organisation (Sponsored by Pell Frischmann): Nottingham City Council

“[Nottingham City Council] impressed the judges with their excellent short and long term targets, and wide range of policies backed by strong political support. [They have] demonstrated tangible socioeconomic benefits through their strategies, creating jobs and value for the local area, while reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and reducing waste.”

Best Sustainable Energy Scheme (Sponsored by Naturesave): The Owen Square Community Energy Scheme

“[The Owen Square Community Energy Scheme] has great ambition and has successfully demonstrated an integrated approach to reducing carbon emissions and increasing the amount of sustainable energy deployed. [They have] considered balancing energy demand and generation with grid flexibility, integrating both renewable heat and electricity technologies into the project. The judges were impressed by the grass roots approach to the scheme, involving local community and embedding education at its heart.”

Sustainable Energy Installer of the Year: Forest Fuels

“[Forest Fuels] really stood out in the number and capacity of installations that they’d delivered, the scale of growth of the company in difficult times, the innovative financial engineering they have introduced for customers and the interesting research and development they have undertaken with a focus on decarbonising heat.”

South West Sustainable Energy Champion (Sponsored by BSR Connect): Alistair Macpherson

“This year’s champion has done a tremendous amount and with dogged determination, proved themselves to be a real driving force, able to bring people with them and deliver challenging projects.  This year’s champion has also done a huge amount in working to address fuel poverty in their local area.”

Best Business Innovation (Sponsored by Scottish And Southern Energy Networks): Sunamp

“As judges, we were particularly impressed by [Sunamp’s] truly innovative concept and different approach to the decarbonisation of heat as part of a holistic solution.

Best Community Initiative (Sponsored by Wales and West Utilities): Tamar Energy Community

“[Tamar Energy Community] impressed us with the refreshing honesty expressed in their submission, including an account of how not to do things, as well as how to do them! The judges felt this project was a real example of a community project, combining lots of smaller elements to drive a clear vision to being locally owned. The winner has a strong philosophy embedded in the local community, clearly communicating with the wider community. We felt that the winner has worked to create something that may be smaller in scale, was high in value.”


We wish to congratulate all the winners and those shortlisted for the awards. Your hard work and determination has created sector leading innovations and schemes and helped to drive the sector to become what it is today. We look forward to learning of your exploits next year!

A full list of the shortlisted nominations can be found below:

Most Proactive Public Sector Organisation

  • Nottingham City Council
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Best Sustainable Energy Scheme

  • Shotwick Solar Farm, Foresight Group
  • Camborne Energy Storage Castle Drogo Renewables Project
  • Awel Co-op
  • The Owen Square Community Energy Scheme

Sustainable Energy Installer of the Year

  • Naked Solar Ltd
  • Solar South West
  • MyPower
  • Forest Fuels
  • SunGift Energy

South West Sustainable Energy Champion

  • Harry Lopes
  • Pete West 
  • Gabriel Wondrausch
  • Dave Tudgey
  • Juliet Davenport
  • Alistair Macpherson
  • Katie Reville

Best Business Innovation

  • Powervault
  • DPS Process Solutions Limited
  • Origami Energy Limited
  • THRIVE Renewables
  • Sunamp
  • Limejump

Best Community Initiative

  • Public Power Solutions Swindon Chapel Farm Solar Park
  • Bristol Energy Network 
  • Bath and West Community Energy
  • Tamar Energy Community