Who pays for the grid? 30 September 2016

The question of who pays for the grid, and the methodology used to calculate network charging has vexed energy policy makers for some time and is now a hot topic in the UK. In recent weeks Ofgem has made two very significant interventions that will have a direct impact on embedded or distributed generators, energy storage providers and any high energy users with demand side response or behind the meter generation, to avoid peak transmission or distribution grid charges.Read more

Celebrating innovation: Regen SW’s Green Energy Awards shortlist, 21 September 2016

Today marks the announcement of the prestigious Green Energy Awards shortlist. The 13th annual awards ceremony will honour the innovation, dedication and creative ingenuity that has put the south west of England at the forefront of the green energy revolution.Read more

Despite a ‘Rubik’s Cube’ of complex market and policy signals energy storage is poised for growth, 07 September 2016

Energy storage is poised to grow rapidly in the UK towards 10GW in the 2030’s – but action is needed to align the technology with market and policy signals if this potential is to be realised. The findings are in a new report.Read more

FIT solar installations plummet but commercial projects buck trend, 30 September 2016

The release of new figures from Ofgem on FIT installations have shown a 66 per cent drop in the number of installations registered in quarter two 2016, dropping from 45,156 in the previous quarter to 15,420 installations registered from April to June this year. Although the sub 10 kW schemes are clearly experiencing a significant decline, the figures indicate other deployment bands are seeing growth.Read more

UK heat strategy and greening the gas network, 30 September 2016

As other options for decarbonising heating struggle to go to scale, green gas is receiving more focus. At the moment the heat sector is in a state of policy uncertainty, with government responses on the RHI, Feed-in Tariff for AD (and micro-CHP), and the new £320 million Heat Network Investment Project, all expected imminently. A new heat strategy is also due, which gives the government an opportunity to set out its vision of the decarbonised heat system for 2050 and beyond.Read more

Energy storage: the Enhanced Frequency Response auction, 30 September 2016

The results of the first National Grid EFR auction were published on 26 August 2016 and successful bidders in the £65 million tender now have 18 months to complete their projects. The success of battery storage in the auction marks a major step towards commercial viability for this key technology. In this article we have looked at the trends revealed in the tender results.Read more

Smart power revolution at risk from ‘tinkering’ with grid charging, 20 September 2016

The smart power revolution is being put at risk by tinkering with charging for use of the grid instead of carrying out a full review, according to a new paper launched today by energy experts Regen SW. The report “Network Charging for a Flexible Future” sets out proposed principles for how charging for the grid should be reformed.Read more

Power-Culture September 2016 summary

power-culture is a place to explore our energy generation through the arts power-culture is a blog brought to you by Regen SW sharing opportunities and providing insights, recipes, resources and research to support you in developing your arts and energy projects.Read more

Wonderful projects nominated for the Arts and Green Energy Awards!

We have received a host of nominations for the first arts and green energy awards supported by The Institution of Civil Engineers. This award is designed to recognise the crucial role that creative practitioners play in challenging, deepening and broadening the energy debate. We welcomed nominations from a range of art-forms.Read more

Can local authorities set energy requirements in their Local Plans, 20 September 2016

Regen has been supporting Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) this week as they take their Placemaking Plan to Examination in Public. The inspector had asked them to prepare a response on whether their 10 per cent renewables Merton style rule was in alignment with national policy.Read more