Projection duration: May 2017 to March 2018

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) commissioned Regen to undertake an assessment to evaluate renewable energy generation potential on the NRW estate. This study was one of a set of studies that informed the mitigation options under NRW’s Carbon Positive Project, assessing the potential to mitigate, reduce or offset NRW’s carbon footprint.

NRW tasked Regen to conduct a strategic, cross-technology pre-feasibility study to evaluate the potential to deploy renewable energy generation on the NRW managed estate and operational assets, which comprises approximately 7% of the land area of Wales.

The study was based around Regen’s established resource assessment methodology for onshore wind, solar PV and hydro power, identifying both larger standalone generation opportunities and smaller scale generation opportunities to directly supply NRW’s operational assets (such as pumping stations, visitors centres and river level kiosks etc.).

Regen worked closely with the Carbon Positive Team and NRW’s wider staff, to ensure a holistic and consistent methodology for assessing opportunities for each technology. The result was two shortlists (standalone and self-supply) of opportunities for NRW to review and to undertake more detailed feasibility.

Led by: Ray Arrell – Senior Project Manager

Contact: [email protected]

Image credit: Vattenfall