Regen passionately believes that sustainable energy has a vital role at the heart of a successful economy and thriving local communities.

We are an independent not for profit that uses our expertise to work with industry, communities and the public sector to revolutionise the way we generate, supply and use energy.

Energy is the beating heart of our communities, an unseen web that binds us together. Radical change in such a critical system is not going to be easy.

Our experience over 13 years is that we need entrepreneurial businesses who are forming partnerships and driving innovation; finance providers looking for new opportunities and regulators and utilities backing innovation. We also need the engagement and support of the local people and communities who rely on energy in every aspect of their lives.

We use three strategies to bring together these key ingredients and achieve our mission:


We get cutting edge sustainable energy projects off the ground and share the learning to inspire and enable others to follow.

You can get an idea of our pioneering work from our trial of a ‘sunshine tariff’ to change how households use energy to better match local generation.


We understand the technology, finance and public policies needed to make sustainable energy work. By working out what’s wrong and how to put in right we can tackle the barriers preventing progress.

Our work to develop future energy scenarios to underpin Western Power Distribution’s investment strategy is a great example of how we use our expertise to drive change.


We bring the right people together to come up with ideas to achieve change together that they can’t do alone.

Check out our ‘Women in Renewables’ network to see how bringing people together can spark new exciting new collaborations.

We are ambitious on the scale of our impact. From our base in the south west of England we share our knowledge and experience of driving radical change in our energy system nationally and internationally.