Project duration: May 2016 to December 2017

The changes in government policy over the last year have made it much more challenging for community energy groups to deliver projects.

We have engaged extensively with our community network since these announcements. Our experience is that, far from planning to pack up and throw away their hard work, groups are energised by the challenge of innovating and finding a way to deliver their objectives, despite the challenging policy environment.

We received a grant from the Friends Provident Foundation to support three community groups to develop new business models in community heat networks, energy storage and local supply.

Working in partnership with Forum for the Future, 10:10 and Community Energy England, the project undertook a comprehensive review of UK and international local energy models, before selecting three front runner post-FIT ideas proposed by community energy groups and working with them to explore their viability.

The models explored in depth were:
The project aimed to generate as much learning as possible from working with the groups and share it with other community energy groups, policy makers, regulators and other stakeholders as widely as possible. Specifically, the project has produced:
  • A white paper that identifies key barriers to front runner models being replicated, and recommendations to overcome them
  • A summary report for the learning from PEC, EEG and SELCE
  • A spreadsheet based ‘Ready Reckoner’ tool that illustrates how battery storage could impact onsite generation consumption and its viability

You can view the final outputs of the project on the Community Energy Hub.