May 2010 – December 2012

Following on from the success of the Bioenergy Capital Grants Scheme, Regen worked on the FOREST programme to support the development of the biomass supply chain.

The FOREST programme (FOsteRing Efficient Long-term Supply parTnerships) was a three year, EU funded project led by the University of Exeter to promote and support the development of integrated supply chains in the biomass heating sector. It was complete in December 2012.

The premise of the project was for project partners from across the EU to share learning and expertise in how best to grow their biomass heating industries, with partners from more established markets transferring knowledge to those at an earlier stage.

Regen worked alongside its partners to produce a range of training materials, online resources and events aimed at architects, building designers, engineers and installers with the aim of improving the level of awareness in biomass heating systems and the local supply chains.

The project, as part of a wider Regen programme of work, has helped the south west to develop one of the most successful renewable heat markets in the UK, with more of its heating demand met by renewables than any other region in the country.

Lead by: Tim Crook

Contact: [email protected]