Powervault has developed a first-of-a-kind ‘second life’ battery pack (SLB) by repurposing used lithium-ion cells from Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. Powervault units using SLBs are 30 percent cheaper to produce than the ‘first life’ product and are an efficient use of resources, extracting more than 3,500 cycles of productive use from a resource that would otherwise be discarded.
DPS Process Solutions Limited
DPS is a small-scale pyrolysis unit targeted at onsite waste destruction, energy generation and product recovery. The result is reduced costs, reduced reliance on external fuel sources and reduced vehicle use.  It can generate renewable energy from every-day and specific waste streams and is used to augment recycling and recovery efforts.
Origami Energy Limited
Origami’s cloud-based Energy Flexibility Platform uses data from distributed energy resources (DER) to automatically forecast the amount of flexibility available. The platform facilitates the creation of a real-time marketplace for distributed energy and more efficient use of flexibility from a portfolio of DERs compared to current static operating strategies.
THRIVE Renewables
In 2016/2017 THRIVE Renewables raised a total of £13M for renewable energy projects through innovative online crowdfunding and was the first green energy bond offer to be available through the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) via Abundance Investment and working with Triodos Bank’s corporate finance specialists. The funds are now being deployed into onshore wind and solar projects with the aim of generating a further 36,000 UK homes with clean electricity in 2018.

The Sunamp super-compact battery stores energy as heat and releases it on demand. They are life-cycle tested to over 25 years and contain non-toxic, sustainable and recyclable materials. Sunamp heat batteries have been installed in over 1,000 properties, replacing the need for hot water tanks and immersion heaters and delivering savings of up to 35 percent. The 5 kWh heat store uses free electricity from solar PV and releases the heat when needed.

Limejump is a data-driven utility that has created an innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to empower businesses to participate in a sustainable energy future. The VPP helps businesses to access lucrative Frequency Response contracts and increases the financial rewards for helping to balance the grid. Using technology to combine batteries with other assets to create a fully operational VPP makes Limejump the only business of its kind.