South West Connect (networking evening incorporating the Bristol Tidal Energy Forum)

This event was an excellent networking opportunity and provided a chance to hear the latest news from the renewable energy sector. Read more

WPD Distributed Generation Owner/Operator Forum

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has set up a forum, in partnership with Regen SW aimed at owners and operators of MW scale renewables connected to a WPD network to provide an opportunity for WPD and DG owners/operators to improve communication. Read more

The Electricity Storage Network Annual Symposium: Good Storage, Better

How does storage and flexibility deliver an energy system based on sustainability, security and economy?Read more

Domestic and Small Scale Energy Storage Forum

The market for storage alongside generation at a domestic and small scale level is growing as costs come down and policymakers encourage flexibility in use of energy.Read more

Sunshine Tariff Webinar

Regen alongside partners including Western Power Distribution (WPD), Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) and Tempus Energy ran a Sunshine Tariff trail in Wadebridge, Cornwall and we are keen to share the learnings and lessons from this project.Read more

Innovation in community led energy efficiency

A peer networking event run in partnership with Exeter Community Energy (ECOE). Read more

Smart Energy Marketplace 2017

Smart Energy Marketplace 2017 had a fast range of speakers, covering a huge range of topics in the smart agenda. Read more

Sustainable Severn 2017

Building on the themes from the previous two forums of energy, environment and economy, this conference will consider how we can deliver new energy projects in balance with the environment and the economy.Read more

Community Energy Spring Gathering

A community energy weekend workshop to share and learn from each other in focus groups on specific topics of interest, in a glorious and informal setting. To include a study tour of renewable energy installations and a Community Energy Feast. Read more

EWiRE Smarter Working

Leading women in the renewables sector are not only shaping the policy and future direction of the industry, but also pioneering new ways of working. Read more

The role of Community Energy in a changing energy system

This event examined the rapid transition to decentralised and flexible energy and the opportunities for community energy groups to play a leading role, engaging their communities and developing new models in areas such as local supply and storage. It was all about finding solutions and getting inspired.Read more

Powering Dorset Together

Join us in community energy fortnight for an evening of inspiration about growing your own local energy project, and getting energy into neighbourhood plans. Read more

Delivering a Smart Energy System

The event examined the key issues and emerging solutions in the transition to a smart, decentralised energy system that would enable renewables to thrive in a subsidy-free environment. It brought together leading academics, policy makers and businesses to look at how flexible local markets will work, emerging business models and the enabling technologies.Read more

Post-election Prospects for Energy Policy, Members’ Forum

The decisions the government takes following the election will be critical to energy generation, supply and demand. This Regen members’ session brought together a panel of leading experts to discuss the energy policy priorities for the government and the impact of these on the market.Read more