Project duration: June 2015- current

Regen has produced selection of case studies from inspirational women on our EWiRE steering group. Read their stories to find out more about their career histories, including the successes and failures they have faced.

Melissa Miners

An Olympian of communications and sustainability, Melissa is motivated by an intrinsic drive to protect and nurture the environment, while breaking-down barriers of public perception.

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Adriana Laguna

A gifted engineer and leader, Adriana Laguna uses her unique combination of industry know-how and policy development experience to drive innovation in energy distribution and to help bridge the gap between technical experts and decision makers.

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Tess Sundelin

An inspirational women who's not afraid of taking risks in her career, Tess Sundelin has established herself in a senior role in the UK renewable energy industry.

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Cordi O’Hara, director of UK System Operator at National Grid   

A dynamic woman who embraces and embodies the positive differences which women bring to a historically male dominated sector and who is a firm believer in ‘the art of the possible’.

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Louise Wilson

An inspirational woman that supersedes the banker rhetoric. Louise Wilson has established her place in the energy sector and her passion for a better future is truly catching.

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Maria Connolly

An extremely successful woman who has been motivated by renewable energy since day one, Maria Connolly has now established herself in a senior role as a partner for TLT.

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Liz Dunn

An inspirational woman who’s not afraid of challenges, Liz Dunn, chose law as a second career. She shared with us the story of her successes and the challenges she has faced.

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Bernice Roberts

An inspirational woman who has worked her way up the environmental industry, Bernice Roberts shares with us her story of how she became the head of planning and renewables.

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Sue Barr

An inspirational woman who has been championing marine energy for the last 16 years and has made ground breaking achievements in national policy decisions.

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Led by: Rachel Hayes