Project duration: May to October 2016

The Energy Transitions Commission aims to provide policy insights into the challenge of how we can provide the energy needed to support a growing global population and greater economic prosperity, without damaging our environment beyond repair.

Regen is working with Nigel Topping, a commissioner and Regen board member, to guide the work of the Commission to explore how to achieve a more flexible energy system that can enable very high levels of renewables whilst keeping costs down and the lights on. Through regular meetings, calls and draft reports Regen is working with a collection of leading experts across the globe to define the challenge and set out the solutions.

The Commission’s report will provide perhaps the most clear guide to date as to the role of storage, demand flexibility and interconnection in balancing supply and demand in different countries and how policy makers should be encouraging these flexible approaches.

Led by: Merlin Hyman

Contact: [email protected]

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