Project duration: May 2016 to September 2016

Energy storage could play a significant role, alongside other measures, in providing greater flexibility in our energy system, balancing energy demand and supply and enabling a more rapid and greater deployment of variable low carbon generation.

Regen’s energy storage white paper offers an independent, balanced analysis of the future market opportunities and challenges faced by those trying to scale up the deployment of energy storage. It is part of our new Pathways to Parity series, thought leadership papers and events that explore emerging business models that we believe will make clean energy the backbone of our future electricity system.

The paper identifies some of the key barriers and enabling actions that need to be addressed to accelerate technology development and market growth as part of a wider industrial strategy for smarter low carbon energy. The report’s conclusion is that, while there are challenges and uncertainties, the UK has the potential to create a significant energy storage sector, and to export the knowledge and capabilities that will be generated to the global energy market.

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Led by: Johnny Gowdy

Contact: [email protected]