Regen’s Art and Energy outdoors project, funded by The Ernest Cook Trust, aims to support young artists to explore energy themes in an outdoor setting. 

There are a number of barriers to artists working on this topic. These include:

  • knowledge of and access to sustainable energy information;
  • awareness of the context for sustainable energy development;
  • awareness of existing arts and energy practice;
  • understanding of our relationship with electricity. 

According to artists that we’ve interviewed, an important barrier to developing a response to energy themes is that it is hard to find a meaningful, essential and grounded connection with the subject matter.

Regen’s arts and energy outdoor education programme will provide a unique opportunity for emerging practitioners from a range of art forms to overcome these barriers and investigate representing energy in an outdoor setting.

In sites around the UK, we will create outdoor classroom spaces to explore our relationship with the elemental forces that we harness and cultivate new artistic responses. Young artists will be supported in creating artworks which incorporate and respond to wind, solar, wave, tidal, biomass, hydro and other forms of sustainable energy to expand their language, understanding and experience of art and energy practice.

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