The overall objective of the Distributed Generation and Demand Growth Scenarios Assessment is to assess the potential deployment of distributed generation and new electricity demand technologies in the WPD south west licence area from 2015 to 2030, using as a starting point the Future Energy Scenarios (FES) developed by the National Grid.

The end output of the assessment is a number of data sets accompanied by an analytical report, which gives an annual capacity growth projection from 2015-2030 by BSP area and technology type, including:

  • Current (2015) distributed generation capacity connected
  • Pipeline analysis of DG capacity up to 2020
  • Scenario analysis of DG technology capacity growth from 2020 – 2030 building on the FES
  • Scenario analysis of potential future demand from 2015-2030 (including heat pumps and electric vehicles) building on the FES

Where appropriate, GIS based maps have also been provided to illustrate the geographic spread of technology growth.


Published: January 2016