Project duration: Ongoing

Community benefit funds arise as a result of a voluntary contribution paid by a developer to benefit communities living in and around new renewable energy developments.

As a result of a number of solar farm developments by Vogt Solar, Regen have been appointed as an independent fund manager to distribute funds to local community and environmental projects.

Our aim is to enable renewable energy developments to support sustainable communities. We want to support projects the local community identifies will meet that goal.
We are particularly keen to see communities carry out local energy projects which have the potential to reduce costs and generate a sustainable income.

Objectives of the fund
Applicants to the community benefit fund can apply for between £5,000 and £10,000 of capital or revenue funding for projects. The funds we administer will be directed to projects that meet both of the following objectives:

  • Projects which bring together local people to develop or deliver a shared vision or
    objective for their community
  • Projects which help to create an economically and environmentally sustainable local

(Note - we will consider applications for smaller sums subject to a minimum of £2000 per application. If your project falls within this application bracket, please contact us to discuss before making an application on (01392) 494399).

Download the application form

Download the guidance for applicants

Funds are provided by:

For more information contact Olly Frankland

T: 01392 494399

Project lead: Olly Frankland

Contact: [email protected]