March 2007 – March 2011

The Bioenergy Capital Grant Scheme was a partnership between Regen, the South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWRDA) and the Forestry Commission. This south west programme awarded grants to install biomass systems, developed the woodfuel supply chain and increased skills via training and events.

The scheme delivered:

  • 18 MW of installed capacity directly across 17 separate installations
  • A total of £1.9 million of grants were awarded, which in turn led to private-sector investment of £5.35 million
  • Applicant ‘masterclasses’ supporting a further 2.7 MW of installed capacity across 11 installations
  • 80 businesses received direct support, 250 people attended information events and 150 people received direct training

External evaluation attributed 41 per cent of the biomass installations in the south west to the programme in 2010. Following on from this strong base, the region has led the country in the amount of renewable heat capacity and number of installations over the last few years. Our latest Progress Report shows that there have now been almost 4,000 biomass installations in the region, with a combined capacity of 319 MW.

The important sector development the project instigated was continued under the FOREST programme.

Lead by: Olly Frankland

Contact: [email protected]