About Regen SW

Regen SW passionately believes that sustainable energy has a vital role at the heart of a successful economy and thriving local communities.

We are an independent not for profit that uses our expertise to work with industry, communities and the public sector to revolutionise the way we generate, supply and use energy.

We focus our work on one overarching goal

And the successful development of four priority sectors

Our ambitions are set out in our south west Renewable Energy Manifesto and we track progress through our unique detailed annual Progress Report.

Our impact

We have achieved much in our 10 years.

Renewable energy has grown dramatically


There are over 10,000 people working in our sector.

The south west is committed to renewables being at the heart of its future with four Local Enterprise Partnerships and 20 MPs signing our Renewable Energy Manifesto.

We have used this expertise to work with other parts of the UK.

Our annual progress reports demonstrate the growth and development of the industry.

How we make an impact

We provide a strong voice for renewable energy and energy efficiency with policy makers, the media and the public. Our events and publications showcase the great companies, exciting projects and inspiring people that make up the sector. Our work aims to remove barriers, inform policy and decision-makers, build new markets and establish growing supply chains.

We target our project work in our priority sectors through analysis of the maturity of the sector.

About us

Examples of our work include:

Local expertise: national impact:

We focus our efforts on showing how sustainable energy can be at the heart of a prosperous society in the south west of England. We then work with other parts of the UK and internationally to share this expertise and increase our impact.

Our Structure

Regen SW is an independent not-for-profit company. We have a membership of over 260 organisations comprising representatives from the private, voluntary and public sectors. Our work is governed by our board of directors elected by our members.

How you can get involved

  • Membership is available to businesses, local authorities and key partners, who recognise the importance of our work and wish to share in the benefits of our services.
  •  We are extending an invitation to those that share our vision and our ambitions to do business with us – to draw on our expertise through our advisory services
  •  You can support our work to promote sustainable energy by supporting our events, publications and campaigning initiatives (support us).