What can we expect from BEIS and Ofgem’s ‘smart systems’ action plan? 08 March 2017

At a big picture level the direction of travel towards decentralised, flexible energy is clear. This transformation is driven by disruptive innovation, not government action. However, for those trying to make business models stack up at the moment, BEIS and Ofgem’s ‘smart systems’ action plan due in a few months will be a critical document. We have been reading the runes as to what to expect.Read more

BEIS publishes the final document for the forthcoming Contracts for Difference Allocation Round, 13 March 2017

BEIS has published the final document for the forthcoming Contracts for Difference Allocation Round that opens for bids on 3 April. One difference is the introduction of Geothermal with an administrative strike price of £140 MWh.Read more

Ofgem Embedded Benefits Consultation, 2 March 2017

Ofgem have proposed dramatically reducing ‘embedded benefits’ received by distributed generators from £45 per kW to £2 per kW. This would be phased in between 2018 to 2020. The proposals are open for consultation until 10 April.Read more

Energy technologies of the future on display at Smart Energy Marketplace in Exeter on 28 March, 28 February 2017

The energy technologies of the future will be on display at Smart Energy Marketplace at Sandy Park in Exeter on 28th March. Major international companies and key policy makers will join local businesses to showcase how new technologies including electric cars, battery storage and renewable energy are revolutionising how we generate and use energy.Read more

In praise of high voltage interconnectors, 27 February 2017

Regen welcomes the anticipated growth of Interconnectors – high voltage cables linking Great Britain’s energy system with our partners in Europe – which are set to become a critical part of the UK’s future energy system, providing market connectivity that will help to enhance energy security, reduce consumer electricity prices and enable the further growth of low carbon generation.Read more

Peer Power comes to Devon and Dorset, 27 February 2017

Regen is pleased to announce a new ‘Peer Power’ initiative to help support community energy groups in Devon and Dorset to meet up regularly and share learning.Read more

Electricity storage guide for communities and independent developers, 24 February 2017

Following on from our successful paper, Energy storage towards a commercial model 2nd edition, Regen has continued its work to unlock the energy storage market.Read more

Communities could be at the forefront of energy network innovation, 23 February 2017

We have just published a guide that explores how communities can participate in the shift to a smarter more flexible energy system. It is essential communities are involved, so that they can help assist with the systemic changes that will affect how we generate, supply and use electricity in the future.Read more

Sunshine Tariff trial findings published, 23 February 2017

The findings of the Sunshine Tariff trial were published in February. This trial explored the potential of a domestic demand side response to resolve network capacity issues in the local area by incentivising customers to use electricity between 10am and 4pm in the summer months.Read more

Report on the future of distribution networks, 6 February 2017

Regen has worked with Western Power Distribution (WPD) to develop bespoke local future energy scenarios to underpin their network planning. Using these, WPD has now published a report on the plans for their South Wales network.Read more