How to pay for local balancing and supply, 17 August 2017

Local balancing and supply makes sense. Why not strive to use power close to where it is being produced at the time it is generating? That way we can reduce the losses from transporting power over long distances, we can reduce the amount of power flowing in the opposite direction it was meant to and potentially connect more low carbon generation through more efficient use of the local network.Read more

UKPN offer a window on the future of localised flexibility services, 16 August 2017

UK Power Networks has released more information about how and where they intend to tender for flexibility services. The expression of interest is for delivery of flexible capacity at 10 substations where there are problems delivering peak capacity – which could include energy storage, Demand Side Response (DSR), and other flexible generation.Read more

Launch of WPD storage consultation report, 14 August 2017

WPD has been working with Regen to develop an approach to model the growth and operation of storage. As part of this modelling work, we developed and issued a consultation paper, aiming to help us to validate some of the key assumptions we have made in this modelling approach. This consultation was issued on 15th May 2017, was open to responses for 6 weeks and closed on 21st June 2017.Read more

Some advice for community energy groups wanting to work with Scouts, 10 August 2017

Connecting with existing local organisations like the Scouts is an obvious step for community energy groups who want to get the message out in their locality. As part of a project Regen were developing for Western Power Distribution, I had a little time to investigate the intersection between Scouts and Community energy groups. Here are some of the things I discovered!Read more

BEIS and Ofgem Smart Energy Plan, 24 July 2017

Many of the actions in the plan are already being progressed and there is, therefore, little in it that comes as a surprise (we will leave others to score the predictions we made in March). However, the fact there is now a detailed formal government plan on smart energy will provide greater confidence in the market.Read more

Prestigious Green Energy Awards Judges Announced, 20 July 2017

This year Regen’s Green Energy Awards will be celebrating the exciting projects and innovative companies that are driving the smart and sustainable energy revolution. To take on the challenging task of choosing the winners, we are delighted to be able to announce an expert judging panelRead more

The Climate Change Act – stopping the UK from making Trump’s folly, 26 June 2017

Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement may have benefited the overall fight against climate change by highlighting the dangers of relying of individuals political powers for such a long term battle. As that battle commences the UK Climate Change Act of 2008 could become a key weapon to hold our government to account and ensure that we do not renege on our decarbonisation commitments. Article by Johnny Gowdy for the Energy World magazineRead more

The Empire Strikes Back? 27 June 2017

Ofgem recently announced they will proceed with their plans to dramatically reduce ‘embedded benefits’ received by distributed generators from £45 per kW to £2 per kW, phased in over three years from 1 April 2018.Read more

National Grid's Systems Strategy, 26 June 2017

The new flexible and distributed electricity system has taken an important step forward with National Grid’s consultation on a new System Needs and Product Strategy (SNAPS).Read more

Book Review: 'BURN OUT The endgame for fossil fuels' by Dieter Helm, reviewed by Johnny Gowdy, 16 May 2017

Regen director, Johnny Gowdy, reviews the latest work by the eminent Oxford University energy industry academic Professor Dieter Helm. Despite the punchy title he finds “Burn Out” to be more of a fizzle and wonders when energy economists will finally present an analysis that recognises the urgency of climate change.Read more