Energy Utopia, 2 March 2018

On a very cold and snowy day in Birmingham, we met with a few very dedicated community energy folk who braved the weather to hear the latest developments and participate in shaping our changing energy system. Community Energy organisations Energise Barnsley and Community Energy England joined distribution network operator (DNO) Western Power Distribution (WPD) to discuss their thoughts on the best ways to make our energy system more democratic, decarbonised and decentralised.Read more

Democratic as well as Decarbonised, 28 February 2018

One of Regen’s first initiatives to support the developing community energy sector was to work with partners to set up Communities for Renewables CIC to provide specialist expertise to support the development of community owned MW scale projectsRead more

Peer to peer trading and microgrids – the next big thing? 21 February 2018

As most of the community energy world looks around for new business models that work, a few brave souls are tackling innovative projects head on to bring the value of locally generated renewables straight to communities. It sounds simple, to sell electricity from renewables straight to people living locally, but it’s an area bound by consumer protection regulation and barriers.Read more

Future flexibility markets for beginners, 16 February 2018

Communities and small generators have a lot of potential to balance supply and demand for electricity at a local level, reducing impact on our electricity network and helping us avoid paying for costly upgrades. Markets for this flexibility are designed for large scale big players, so how will domestic customers and small-scale energy generators be able to interact with flexibility markets, and extract value in the future?Read more

Ups and downs in the Renewable Heat Incentive – will biomass remain as the dominant technology? 26 January 2018

The government last week released the latest statistics relating to the Renewable Heat Incentive, covering the period to December 2017 since the scheme’s inception in November 2011.Read more

Accessing the network benefits from local matching – a working model? 26 January 2018

Communities and local generators often want to supply electricity directly to local customers and it feels intuitively right that doing this should cost less than if they used the full national electricity network. Regen has recently completed some work looking at how local consumers and local generators might be able to see the value from network savings flowing from more locally matched electricity.Read more

New study on the future challenges for the electricity distribution network, 24 January 2018

Over the past two years, Regen has been working closely with Western Power Distribution to produce scenarios for demand on our electricity networks. Based on these scenarios, WPD has carried out studies of the pressures on all four of their networks, ensuring it is prepared to cope with the rapid changes in how we generate and use energy.Read more

Response to Committee On Climate Change Review, 17 January 2018

The review by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) of the government’s Clean Growth Plan published today and the government’s response provides a good new year insight into areas we can expect to see policies emerge as the government reacts to pressure for more progress on tackling emissions.Read more

First ever community dinner with a DNO, 15 December 2017

On Tuesday 40 community representatives from across the south west had dinner with their Distribution Network Operator (DNO), following a muddy winter walk to see the Castle Drogo hydropower and biomass projects on Dartmoor. It was a unique opportunity for community groups to learn more about renewable energy systems, and discuss their innovative community energy project ideas with one of Western Power Distribution’s (WPD) leading engineers in an informal setting.Read more

Energy generation in Wales, 15 December 2017

Wales now generates over 43 percent of its electricity consumption from renewables, contributed to by over 67,000 renewable energy projects. While the UK and England are without a renewable energy or renewable electricity target after 2020, Wales is making strides towards its 2030 target of 70 percent of its electricity consumption being generated by renewables.Read more