Local Flexibility Markets in Five Steps Part Two: Benefits for DSOs, 25 April 2018

This is the second in our series on local flexibility drawing on the experience of Open Utility in developing an online marketplace for local flexibility.Read more

People, Power and Happiness, 24 April

We launched the Devon Community Energy Impact Report today and it has loads of useful data demonstrating the added value of locally owned, grassroots energy activity.Read more

Local Flexibility Markets in Five Steps Part One: Local Flexibility Trials, 19 April 2018

Local flexibility is one of the most active innovation areas in the electricity system. The first of our series of five blogs looks at the emerging lessons as to how these differ from national balancing.Read more

New energy guide launched to help communities innovate their way to smarter, cleaner energy system, 11 April 2018

Local electricity network operators have joined forces today to produce a guide to help communities to get involved with innovation projects to support a smarter, cleaner energy system. The guide is being published by Energy Networks Association in partnership with community energy experts Regen.Read more

The transport revolution will accelerate the transition to clean and smart energy systems, 10 April 2018

A remarkable characteristic of the coming transport revolution could be the incumbents and the innovators competing with each other to lead it. The traditional auto industry does have a way to go until this is a reality, though few revolutions are as widely predicted as this.Read more

The role of Electric Vehicles in a Smart Grid, 30 March 2018

Smart grid technology provides the means to match up supply and demand at a local level. A critical part of a smart grid is to have forms of flexibility in the energy system.Read more

Utility Scale Solar and Storage: Getting the Pipeline Flowing, 24 March 2018

Support from governments across Europe has enabled solar power to grow rapidly and drive down costs. With government subsidy support now being withdrawn, the solar industry faces a challenge to deliver projects without public subsidy.Read more

Energy Utopia, 2 March 2018

On a very cold and snowy day in Birmingham, we met with a few very dedicated community energy folk who braved the weather to hear the latest developments and participate in shaping our changing energy system. Community Energy organisations Energise Barnsley and Community Energy England joined distribution network operator (DNO) Western Power Distribution (WPD) to discuss their thoughts on the best ways to make our energy system more democratic, decarbonised and decentralised.Read more

Democratic as well as Decarbonised, 28 February 2018

One of Regen’s first initiatives to support the developing community energy sector was to work with partners to set up Communities for Renewables CIC to provide specialist expertise to support the development of community owned MW scale projectsRead more

Peer to peer trading and microgrids – the next big thing? 21 February 2018

As most of the community energy world looks around for new business models that work, a few brave souls are tackling innovative projects head on to bring the value of locally generated renewables straight to communities. It sounds simple, to sell electricity from renewables straight to people living locally, but it’s an area bound by consumer protection regulation and barriers.Read more