Smart Energy Marketplace 2017

The way we generate and use energy in our homes and businesses is changing. This event will help you to understand the opportunities that this presents, find a deeper way to connect with the energy you use and explore new business opportunities.Read more

Sustainable Severn 2017

Building on the themes from the previous two forums of energy, environment and economy, this conference will consider how we can deliver new energy projects in balance with the environment and the economy.Read more

EWiRE Smarter Working

Leading women in the renewables sector are not only shaping the policy and future direction of the industry, but also pioneering new ways of working. Read more

EWiRE A smart, decentralised system

This event will provide an opportunity for women working in the sector to understand the market opportunities in energy storage and smarter energy markets as we move towards a system which is more decentralised, smarter and cleaner. Read more

Renewable Futures and the Green Energy Awards 2017

Pathways to decentralised, flexible energy: our annual conference, exhibition and awards.Read more