Jon Rattenbury

Jon has managed a number of challenging domestic and international multi-million pound projects, implemented change in organisations, led and supported bid development and provided consultancy services.Read more

Chris Elliott

Chris is an experienced project manager of multi million pound hydro projects. He is a proven small business entrepreneur and manager. Chris is a British Hydropower Association member who has represented the BHA at public events and within regulatory groups. He has designed a range of fish pass types and a low head loss mesh conveyor screen product, installed in around 30 schemes in UK and France.Read more

James Reddy

James works to promote the south west’s position as a leader in sustainable energy. He is responsible for our public relations and public affairs work with the media, councillors and MPs. He is also editor of our publications and our website.Read more

Keith Gillanders

Keith joined Regen in 2003 and worked in a variety of renewable energy areas including wave energy, biomass, solar PV and low carbon housing. As Head of Business Development he played a leading role in the development of new business support and technology acceleration projects. Since 2011 he has been an Associate and has worked mainly on smart grid projects.Read more

Ian Hutchcroft

Ian is a strategic Programme Director and senior Sustainability Consultant with over 25 years’ experience of developing, financing and delivering sustainable development strategies and programmes in the public, private and third sectors.Read more