24 June 2016

For all of us passionate about tackling climate change and the role of renewables, the vote to leave the EU is a deeply worrying moment. Some of the politicians who played a leading role in the leave campaign are also climate change sceptics and anti-renewable energy campaigners. They will be emboldened by this vote. However, the referendum was on the EU, not a mandate for a bonfire of our environmental laws. Indeed the vast opportunities in smart and renewable energy are even more important to our country in this time of economic uncertainty. It’s up to all of us to argue that a post Brexit UK should recommit to our world leading Climate Change Act; to our commitment to 15 per cent of our energy from renewables by 2020; and to a shift to a smart decentralised renewable energy system – in short to a leading international role in climate and energy. We know Regen’s role is even more important now. We are committed at this difficult time to using our expertise and convening power to work with our members and partners to ensure the UK continues to play a leading role in the revolution in the way we generate, use and supply energy