Regen have responded to Ofgem’s Charging Review calling for holistic review of the network charging regime that focuses on how charging for use of the electricity network can better support the government’s goals to shift to a smart and flexible energy system. 

Regen’s recommendations include:


  • Drop the embedded benefit proposals pending the wider charging review.
  • Reform the process for modifying charging to remove any perception of vested interests.
  • Widen the proposed principles to include: aligning with wider government objectives; enabling innovation and incentivising reductions in long term network costs.
  • Increase the sophistication of network charging to value “what, where and when” electricity is generated and consumed.
  • Implement the proposed changes to storage charging.

Read the full response from Merlin Hyman here

Read the full ‘Targeted Charging Review: a consultation’ publication from Ofgem here

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