13 January 2017

Along with many others Regen was hard at work yesterday polishing off our response to the BEIS and Ofgem call for evidence on a Smart and Flexible Energy System.

We see this as a key moment. It’s hard to find anyone these days (with the possible exception of Donald Drumpf) who believes the future is a centralised, fossil fuel powered electricity system. But we still have to do the hard yards to make the transformation to a smart, flexible and renewable power system happen.

Thinking through the lessons from projects we have worked on like the Sunshine Tariff trial, our paper on Network Charging for a Flexible Future and the joint consultation session we ran with BEIS and Ofgem we have come up with five key priority areas:

  • Get the pricing right. The way access to the electricity network is charged for sends key signals to energy generators and users. Ofgem is currently going in the wrong direction with its Embedded Benefits review.
  • Sort out the definition and licencing of storage.
  • Get on the with shift from DNOs to DSOs. The flexibility we need will be largely on the local networks and that needs managing and linking with the national System Operator.
  • Develop clear paths to market for flexibility services on local networks and ensure these enable local energy markets to develop.
  • Improve the data on actual energy use through smart meters and half hourly settlement of domestic customers.

For those of you interested in the details of our response you can see it HERE.