29 June 2016

Following the High Court ruling against Severndale Community Wind Turbine, it’s becoming even clearer this government is determined to see no more onshore wind, despite the technology reaching parity and some progressive local authorities recognising that the potential for local energy economies could alleviate pressure on themselves and their ever declining budgets.

The Ministerial statement on onshore wind in June last year stated:

“When determining planning applications for wind energy development involving one or more wind turbines, local planning authorities should only grant planning permission if:

The development site is in an area identified as suitable for wind energy development in a local or neighbourhood plan; and

Following consultation, it can be demonstrated that the planning impacts identified by affected local communities have been fully addressed and therefore the proposal has their backing.

In applying these new considerations, suitable areas for wind energy development will need to have been allocated clearly in a local or neighbourhood plan. Maps showing the wind resource as favourable to wind turbines, or similar, will not be sufficient. Whether a proposal has the backing of the affected local community is a planning judgment for the local planning authority.”