24 February 2017

Following on from our successful paper, Energy storage towards a commercial model 2nd  edition, Regen has continued its work to unlock the energy storage market. Some have labelled 2017 ‘the year of energy storage’, with the notorious Tesla Gigafactory starting production in January and the policy framework in a process of review, the sector is certainly evolving at breakneck speed.

One of the key barriers in the electricity storage market is the difficulty and uncertainty when connecting to the electricity network. Regen has been working with the Energy Networks Association and the DNO’s to produce a national guide aimed at communities and independent developers, looking to develop electricity storage projects. This document is an introduction to the area of electricity storage and takes you step-by-step through the process, linking to more detailed content where appropriate. Details here.

The electricity storage market is showing promising shoots of growth in the UK. The expected surge in growth is approaching, but some significant changes in conditions are still needed. For the market to bloom cost reduction and policy clarity is required to reach further than the current small number of innovators and early adopters. Regen will continue to work with the sector to nurture the market at this crucial phase of development. 

We will be holding several storage sessions at Smart Energy Marketplace on 28 March at Sandy Park, Exeter.

Author: Olly Frankland

[email protected]