Frome Town Council 2014 winner: most proactive public sector body

Frome Town Council is putting sustainability at the top of their agenda: they employ an Energy and Recycling Officer and are committed to working towards zero carbon as part of their new Neighbourhood Plan. As founder members of Frome Renewable Energy Co-op, they will soon be installing solar panels on community buildings and a micro-hydro scheme.


Pete Capener 2014 winner: south west sustainable energy champion, sponsored by Cabot Institute

Pete has been instrumental in supporting the community energy movement both in the SW directly through his work with Bath and West Community Energy and through his national influencing work. Pete undertakes his board roles in his spare time.


Solarsense 2014 winner: supplier or installer of the year

Solarsense have delivered over 150 on-roof installations with over 2 MW+ total capacity, including the UKs first and second largest single-site Local Authority systems.


Fairford 2014 winner: best business innovation

Fairford have designed an iERS (Intelligent Energy Recovery System) which allows energy to be saved (up to 32 per cent) on lightly loaded electric motors without restricting the motors function. Microprocessors and embedded software further reduce production costs while allowing efficient industrial energy consumption.


Plymouth Energy Community 2014 winner: best community initiative, sponsored by The Crown Estate

Plymouth Energy Community launched Plymouth’s first solar share offer in February 2014. The offer closed early after 7 weeks; a £602,000 total from 144 investors (50 per cent local) was raised which means 21 schools/community buildings will have 6000m2 of free solar PV installed by October.


GENeco 2014 winner: best renewable energy scheme, sponsored by SERS

In less than a year GENeco have completed the design and build of the UKs first commercial Gas-to-Grid supply of biomethane produced from waste. The Avonmouth site uses anaerobic digestion to extract the remaining energy within food waste, liquid waste and sewage. After purification it is pumped into the national gas distribution network.


Alliance Homes 2014 winner: best energy efficiency scheme sponsored by the Low Carbon Exchange

Alliance Homes is a community based social enterprise that owns 6100 properties within North Somerset. As part of their environmental sustainability strategy, they have undertaken a community energy retro-fit scheme to 235 properties in the Bournville area of Weston-Super-Mare.