Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) 2011 Winner: Best Business Innovation, sponsored by The Crown Estate

LDD have designed, engineered and built a brand new best in class monopile foundation drilling rig, the LD5000. The LD5000 drill can be precision controlled to create an initial shaft 4.6 m wide and then expanded (under reamed) to create a 6 m plus diameter shaft. This super large drill capability has extended the depth and turbine size range at which monopiles can be used, greatly reducing installation cost and project risk. Using the LD5000, LDD are providing pile installation services to RWE Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm.


Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network 2011 Winner: Best Community Initiative, sponsored by KPMG

WREN aims to develop a broad-based low carbon environment through education and projects. It believes a large number of small-scale projects will have a considerable impact on emissions, and has set itself the target of having 30 per cent of the energy used in Wadebridge coming from renewable sources by 2015.


Dairy Crest (Davidstow) 2011 Winner: Best Renewable Energy Scheme, sponsored by SunGift Solar

By installing a biofuel boiler system Dairy Crest has achieved a massive net reduction of 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year at their centre in Cornwall. A steam plant and fuel handling facilities now deliver steam for milk pasteurisation and drying of whey. Key to the viability of the installation was the guaranteed biomass supply, installation cost, lifetime maintenance and the assurance of a continuous steam supply achieved by recycling grade-A wood. This source is clean and free from chemicals, and no additional trees are felled or wood imported.


Cornwall Council Natural Resources Planning Team 2011 Winner: Most Proactive Public Sector Body

Cornwall boasts an impressive list of renewable energy projects which have been encouraged and helped to fruition. These range from solar, wind and tidal to geothermal schemes. The team has strived to raise awareness and promote the development of renewable and low carbon energy throughout the county.


Sam Whatmore 2011 Winner: South West Sustainable Energy Champion, sponsored by Business Link

An early pioneer of biofuels, Sam of Forest Fuels has been championing woodfuels for many years now. He was one of the first to install a modern biomass boiler. Speaking at many events across the country, he has promoted not just the advantages of biofuels, but also the role and image of the south west itself


Ethical Solar 2011 Winner: Supplier or Installer of the Year, sponsored by REB2B

Bristol-based Ethical Solar runs its company to be as sustainable as possible. Installing solar systems, it insists materials used have as few CO2 emissions as possible. The company vans run on vegetable oil and this ethic continues with most employees cycling to work. Ethical Solar has a scheme to install solar power in Uganda using materials donated by suppliers.


SunGift Solar 2011 Winner: Supplier or Installer of the Year, sponsored by REB2B

SunGift Solar has enjoyed a 500 per cent increase in turnover in the last year and has installed more than 300 domestic systems. It has grown so successful it now employs 40 staff. SunGift remains proud of the personal recommendations it receives from its customers.