How does storage and flexibility deliver an energy system based on sustainability, security and economy?

The deployment of electricity storage in the UK reached a significant point in 2016 with contracts awarded to storage projects for ancillary services amidst an unexpectedly high number of proposals. National Grid, the transmission system operator, sees the use of electricity storage as a key enabler of flexibility and additional capacity. Operators and developers of renewables projects use storage to strengthen their asset portfolios with the capability to deliver power at key times. The Electricity Storage Network's annual open symposium for 2017 examines the latest technical, commercial, legal and regulatory trends with experts providing their views on the deployment of electricity storage in the power system, from consumer and community level to the larger projects on major distribution and transmission connected site. We will examine how storage facilities can be deployed to be commercially viable, and how they should be configured to provide maximum value to the overall system.

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