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This year Smart Energy Marketplace will feature a plethora of talks on all aspects of a decentralised, democratic and decarbonised energy system, and energy efficiency in the built environment.

Seminars will offer valuable industry insights, looking at the latest in policy, technology development, emerging business models and more. 

This year, you can attend seminars on:

  • BEIS discussion on the future of small-scale low-carbon electricity generation
  • Whole system thinking
  • Harnessing the electric vehicle revolution
  • Local flexibility markets
  • Democratic, decentralised and decarbonised energy systems 
  • Decarbonising heat and the future of the gas network
  • The next wave of energy storage

Zero Energy Buildings Catalyst programme (ZEBCat), including Energiesprong sessions

This year we have partnered with Energiesprong UK and the ZEBCat programme to deliver a series of sessions focused on the innovative Energiesprong model for whole house retrofit and new build.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, ZEBCat is a three year project that will demonstrate the Energiesprong approach on 15 homes and one public building in Devon, whilst running a programme of support for local businesses.

Led by Devon County Council and in partnership with Sanctuary Housing, North Devon Homes, Exeter City Homes and Regen, this innovative programme and model are explored in depth at Smart Energy Marketplace.

Energiesprong: how it works, how far have we got?

Ian Hutchcroft from Regen and Emily Braham from Nottingham City Homes will outline how the first demonstrator projects in the UK are delivering Energiesprong, and discuss plans to use the model for new build. 

Energiesprong: Supply Chain opportunities

An engaged and invested supply chain is critical to attaining cost reduction and volume in Energiesprong. This session will feature learning from the Energiesprong pioneers in the Netherlands and UK firms building capacity, as well as parallel initiatives in the UK, such as Retrofit Works.

Offices: can retrofits improve wellbeing and productivity?

Building a financial case for energy retrofits of offices can be difficult, partly because the main cost is staff, not energy. This seminar will discuss whether a link can be drawn between energy retrofit measures and improvements in staff productivity, health and wellbeing or a buildings value.

Energiesprong: Building a volume market

Scale is the critical element in increasing deployment of Energiesprong. We will hear from key housing providers and procurement frameworks about how they view EnergieSprong and Energy Performance Contracting.

Energiesprong: New Build

Retrofit is a huge market, but applying Energiesprong to new build creates a much wider eco-system. We’ll hear from major developers about how they see new models impacting the UK new build market.