Renewable Futures: Strategies for Transforming Energy

Renewable Futures this year will bring together a unique line up of business leaders and policy makers, to provide valuable insight into the emerging market opportunities and the chance to build new business partnerships.

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Speakers presentations for 2017:

Energy transformation: how far, how fast?

Smart, distributed and disruptive?

Rethinking the energy system

2017 speakers and panellists:

  • Laura Sandys - chief executive officer, Challenging Ideas
  • Johnny Gowdy - director, Regen
  • Matthew Clayton - managing director, Thrive Renewables
  • Isabella Pacheco - vice president, BlackRock Infrastructure Investment Group
  • Graham Harding - managing director and chief financial officer, British Solar Renewables
  • Alice Tyler - co-founder and chief product officer, Open Utility
  • Jo-Jo Hubbard - chief operations officer and co-founder, Electron
  • Katherine Vinnicombe - investment manager, Foresight Group
  • Steve Goldspink - strategy and business development director, Siemens Energy Management
  • Chris Smith - head of renewable sales, SmartestEnergy
  • Francisco Carranza Sierra - managing director of energy services, Nissan
  • Geoffrey Randall - associate partner, RIIO Gas Networks, Ofgem
  • Dan Sadler - H21 programme director, Northern Gas Networks
  • Cathy McClay - head of commercial operations, National Grid
  • Zosia Riesner - head of UK PPA, Lightsource






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