HubNet has run a symposium to showcase UK research in Smart Grids every year for the last seven years. They have featured work on a wide range of topics including decentralised control, communications technology, whole-system modelling, self-organising and self-healing systems, and the analysis of behaviours of consumers in such environments. This year they will run an event that not only covers Smart Grids but also deals with infrastructure showcasing research on high voltage plant, power electronics, HVDC and multi-vector systems. They will also explore the market mechanisms necessary to drive the changes envisaged.

Alongside presentations from leading experts there will be debates, discussions and poster sessions aimed at providing varied opportunities for researchers, research users and other stakeholders to network and share ideas.

Note that, as a new approach, some presentations run in parallel allowing both a wider programme and attendees to choose those of most interest to them.

HubNet are delighted to have keynote addresses from John McElroy, Advisory Board member of UKERC (and formerly Director of Policy & Public Affairs, RWE npower) and Nigel Turvey, Design and Development Manager, Western Power Distribution.

Agenda can be found here

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