11 September 2017


TLT Solicitors,London

We have heard great news for electricity storage!  The Business and Energy Secretary, Greg Clark announced a £246m investment in developing battery technology in Britain, an important tool for the electricity system.  We also heard about plans to simplify the regulatory and legal regime for storage.

This is very timely as this fits with the announcement of our Innovation and Life-cycle Seminar on 11th September 2017 which will examine 2 important industry topics:

With the confirmation of funding from government and through the network companies, as an innovation allowance, it is very relevant that we, as an industry group, examine and discuss innovation issues.  The network companies are now developing their innovation strategy by the end of 2017.  We need to ask: “what is the critical path of innovation that the electricity storage sector needs to follow, and is the support available adequate for this?” 

As more storage is deployed, we also need to consider the life-cycle credentials of the technologies.  Regulation such as the batteries directive set the tone, but we need to ask:

  • How are the materials sourced? 
  • How are they used? 
  • Can they be recycled?
  • How are they disposed of? 
  • What are the prospects for the future with increasing amounts of deployment and ultimate retirement of assets? 
  • Is the industry sustainable from the perspective of environment and raw resource, and what further good practice, standards and regulations, are needed?”

We have confirmed speakers from BEIS, Ofgem and DEFRA who will help explain access to innovation funding, and the future of the Batteries Directive. We will also discuss how industry shares the different products, services and approaches including speakers from S&C, Highview Power, UKPN and Moixa Energy.

Register or view programme online.

We look forward to meeting you on 11 September in London.