7 November 2017


Discovery Museum, Newcastle

Our energy system is being transformed and communities have the opportunity to get involved now!

This event will focus on getting you up to speed and actively engaged in energy network innovation, which can help your communities tackle social and environmental challenges. Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in England, Wales and Scotland will be on hand to help you learn about new smart technologies and the innovation trials already underway in communities across the country. They will run participatory workshops on storage, local supply, demand side response, engagement and others (please select which you would like to attend when you book). Communities who have been involved in innovation trials will share their motivations, experience and lessons learned. You’ll also hear from policy makers at BEIS about some of the challenges on the road to a smart and flexible energy system and what they are doing to make it easier for communities to get involved.  

Regen is running this event in partnership with the Energy Networks Association (ENA), DNOs and Community Energy England. Partnerships and collaboration are essential for network innovation trials, so come and meet the people involved, get some inspiration and find some common ground.

At the beginning of 2017 Regen and the ENA produced a guide to explore how DNO's can positively engage local communities in innovation and how communities can get themselves into the best position to grasp the opportunities available, the link to this is below.