Where: Energy Technologies Building, University of Nottingham Innovation Park

When: 13 February, 12:30 - 18:00

Cost: Free

As our energy system changes, there are more opportunities for communities and local energy stakeholders to think beyond generation, and get involved in shaping the future system to make it more democratic, decentralised and decarbonised. This will require greater collaboration between communities, businesses and our distribution network operators (DNOs). Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Regen invite you to join us for this latest series of interactive events exploring:

  • what the shift from DNO to distribution system operator (DSO) means to you
  • how we can best work together to achieve a more democratic system
  • the latest WPD innovation projects and how you can get involved
  • the learning from inspirational and innovative community energy projects
  • local energy market platforms – what they might look like and how you can help shape them

These events will bring you up to date with the most recent innovation projects, and will include inspiring speakers, and an interactive workshop to help you shape how we work together in the future. If you have a specific innovation project idea you’d like to discuss, you can also book a surgery slot with a WPD innovation engineer to get their input.

This event is aimed at community energy groups, local authorities, academics, and local energy stakeholders who are interested in creating a better energy system.

This event is run in partnership with Project SCENe  

Project SCENe - Nottingham's flagship community energy project in a new housing development in the Trent basin that will demonstrate a new and scalable model of doing energy and housing more sustainably and equitably. It will do this through the unique combination of the UK’s largest community energy battery (2.1MW); rooftop and onsite solar farm renewable energy generation; a hassle-free, reduced tariff and benefit-rich shareholder offer to residents; and grid services, energy demand and supply optimisation through a local energy services company, expert support and ongoing consumer participatory engagement, research and co-design. We’ll hear about how this innovative new model is being developed by the University of Nottingham in partnership with others, including SmartKlub, Slam Jam, Blueprint and local people, and how the research and development around it will promote and track social behaviour change and impacts beyond energy. This includes the pioneering use of new smart energy metering and interaction technologies, community reinvestment and resilience building and more healthy and zero-carbon transport options. To find out more in advance and have your say, visit the project website and discussion forum in the links below