This leading conference offered valuable industry insights, and looked at the latest and upcoming policy changes and how these are affecting businesses in the UK. 


10:00 Session one: Policy and regulation for a smart and flexible energy system

The government is committed to changing the policy and regulatory framework to enable new flexible energy business models to develop. This session brought together leading policy makers, regulators and system operators to set out the emerging new policy landscape and the impact on the market.

11:00 Session two:  Business models for utility scale storage

The success of battery storage in the Capacity Market and Enhanced Frequency Response auctions make this perhaps the fastest growing sector in the energy market. This session brought together business leaders to examine the emerging business models for large storage projects.

12:00 Session three:  Local energy markets

Balancing supply and demand at a local level is key to a decentralised and flexible energy system. This session examined how microgrids, virtual power plants and local balancing could unlock the development of local energy markets. 

14:00  Session four:  Electric vehicle trends and the future of the electricity grid

Electric vehicles are growing exponentially and have the potential to transform the way we use energy every day. This session examined EV growth trends, the impact on electricity demand and prices and ask whether we will be powering our houses with our cars or our cars with our houses?

15:00  Session five:  Renewable energy business models in a changing energy market

What we see going forward is nothing less than a revolution in the provision of our energy," Cordi O'Hara, Director of the UK System Operator.

Over £10 billion has been invested in renewable energy in the past five years leading to remarkable growth. This session brought together market leaders to examine where the opportunities to generate value are now in a rapidly changing energy market including: maximising revenues from assets, flexibility and post subsidy development opportunities.

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