TLT have produced the UK Renewable Energy Finance Report in collaboration with Clean Energy Pipeline to examine project finance and M&A activity over the last twelve months. It includes views from senior decision makers at TLT on what's in store for the sector over the next twelve months, as well as considering the outlook for NI and Scotland.

In recent press release regarding the report, Maria Connolly, Head of Energy & Renewables at TLT commented:

"The data for 2016 clearly shows a strong, robust sector adapting to a subsidy-free era. Renewables projects are a good source of long-term and stable returns for investors and funders. Scale and maturity will continue to make renewables attractive to both finance and re-finance as the secondary market expands. Energy storage is widely heralded as the technology that will change the face of the sector; and projects are already attracting considerable investment interest. But, the key to making energy storage attractive are demonstrable revenue streams. Biomass and offshore wind will also play a critical role in moving the UK towards a future where a large percentage of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources."

Please find the full report here