Thrive Renewables (Thrive) wins the prestigious ‘Financial Leadership’ category at the Renewable Energy Association (REA) awards. The award recognises Thrive’s success in attracting positive investors to its accessible green energy bond and share offers; coupled with its flexible investment model that provides funding to community energy projects, such as onshore wind and solar.  

The win-win approach connects positive investors’ money to sustainable energy projects which directly contributes to a cleaner, smarter UK energy system. The mission-led company appeals to investors who look for both financial rewards and a positive environmental impact. By 2020 Thrive aims to have attracted 10,000 shareholders and be generating 140,000 tCO2e emission reductions, annually demonstrating its commitment for sustainability and growing a movement for change.

Ethex’s latest Positive Investor 2017 report shows that interest in positive investment, or the saving and investing of personal financial wealth for the benefit of society, is growing faster than for traditional forms of investment.

Danielle Walker Palmour, Director of Friends Provident Foundation said: “Thrive’s Renewable energy bond allowed us to invest in a way that aligns with our mission while also providing a good return on investment for the foundation. Investment opportunities like this are an obvious solution for mission-driven organisations looking to manage their assets in a way that aligns with their values.”

Their latest successful £10 million bond offer was structured, promoted and distributed by Triodos Bank’s corporate finance team working in partnership with Abundance Investment who administered the bond and made it available for the first time with the Innovative Finance-ISA.

From the outset, Thrive has championed ordinary investors as their main source of funding and were one of the first UK renewable companies to crowdfund, as well as being, one of the most widely owned renewable energy companies with over 6,300 green investors, including shareholders and bondholders. It has contributed to the addition of over 90MW of renewable electricity capacity comprising 19 sites throughout the UK and own and operate 64MW.

A recent collaboration with Mongoose Energy put £1.7M of Thrive investors’ money into a solar farm that will enable community ownership. Mark Kenber, Chief Executive of Mongoose Energy said:

“Our mission is to empower community members to have a direct stake in local clean energy projects and the chance to access healthy financial returns, whilst helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supporting community initiatives.  Thrive stepped in at short notice to meet the funding gap – in the near future we will be raising a share issue on behalf of the local community.  We are delighted to be working with Thrive and congratulate them wholeheartedly on their richly deserved recognition by the REA.”

Thrive Renewables, previously Triodos Renewables, has been established for over 21 years. Its ethos and vision is to drive the transition towards a sustainable energy system through the investment of many.

“Progress towards cleaner electricity generation has been good, with a reduction in the consumption of coal and an increase in generation from renewable sources from 5.5% in 2008 to 24%. Investors in Thrive Renewables are contributing to this revolution.”

“And by choosing to be innovative in the way we raise our capital, our bond offers are able to reach more and more investors combining everyday and high net worth investors, foundations and institutions, with a direct stake in a cleaner, smarter energy system.” Said Matthew Clayton, MD Thrive Renewables. 

Financial Leadership’ REA Awards 2017


About Thrive Renewables

Now independent, Thrive Renewables was established over 20 years ago by leading ethical bank Triodos Bank, and has more than 6,300 investors and more than 90MW of renewable generation capacity under management. In 2017 Thrive Renewables delivered enough clean energy to meet the energy demand of 43,668 UK homes’ equivalent and saved 71,866 tCO2e emissions.

Thrive Renewables provides an opportunity to invest directly in a portfolio of renewable energy projects, delivering financial returns and contributing to tangible greenhouse gas emission reductions. Thrive Renewables also works with developers to develop and build new sources of renewable energy to create a smart energy system fit for the future.  

Author: Rachel Glendinning